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The CH Blower is an improved air blower for spas that operates quieter than other air blower assemblies without the extensive use of sound-insulating materials.
Ribbed elastomeric gaskets are used to snugly mount the blower and motor unit inside a bucket-shaped intake housing. The gaskets actively dampen noise as well as dampen the vibration from the electric motor. The outlet sidewall creates a double wall thickness around the electric motor making the CH Blower extremely quiet (U.S. Patent #6155801).
Many spa blower manufacturers use insulating foam to dampen the sound of the blower motor. In doing so they are obstructing the flow of air causing tremendous losses in motor performance. In conclusion, the use of insulating foam wastes consumer's $ and they are getting far less motor performance!

Section A: Air Blower - Installs inside spa cabinet
Super Quiet Spa Blowers
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Super Quiet Spa Blowers
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NOTE: When ordering, proper suffix must follow each model number. The three conductor AMP plugs can be wired in multiple configurations, please specify MT & PM (Megatrol, Power Master or all digital controls), PS (Power Source control or all pneumatic controls), PW (Balboa controls), J (mini JJ plug), or 00 (wires are provided loose with male pins, you connect to match your control receptacle).

Choose the appropriate connector (denoted by part number suffix) for your application.

Do-it-yourself Connector
00 Connector
PM Connector
MT & PM Connector
PS Connector
PS Connector
PW Connector
PW Connector
Mini-JJ Connector
Mini JJ Connector



Hot tub blowers are also commonly referred to as air pumps or bubblers, as these names imply, a blower does just that, blows air into the hot tub. Spa blowers have been successfully installed by spa manufactures since the late 70's. In the early 80's spa manufactures created a fiberglass channel at the bottom of the spa shell to allow the air from the spa blower to travel through the air channel. Tub manufactures would than drilled 1/8" holes through the gel coated spa shell. Hot tub manufacturers would purchase a spa blower from vendors and connect the air blower through the air channel. The hot tub air blower is then connected to an electric control box to electrically turn the air blower ON/OFF.

As the spa bather is sitting in the hot tub they would press a button and the blower motor would come on. The spa bather would feel the air bubbles tingling through their skins coming out of the air channel. To turn the air blower off the spa bather would simply press the button once more.

In the late 80's spa manufacturers started using independent injectors at the bottom of the spa shell. The air injectors would be connected to a vinyl tubing and the vinyl tubing would be connected to an air manifold that the spa blower would blow air through. This method was later adapted by most hot tub manufacturer because it is better air flow distribution and much easier to install.

In the late 80's some spa manufactures such as Catalina Spas, Caribbean Spas, Action Spas, Advanced Spas, ALP Spas, American Spas, Anton Spas, Apollo Spas, Aquamonde Spas, Aquaterra Spas, Aquatic Spas, Aries Spas, Armstrong Spas, Artesian Spas, Aspen Spas, Baja Spas, Balboa, Balboa Instruments, Balboa Watergroup, Beachcomber Spas, Bluewater Spas, Brett Aqualine, Bullfrog Spas, Cal Spas, Caldera Spas, Caldera Spas, Charisma Spas, Classact, Classic Spas, Clearwater Spas, Coleman Spas, Country Leisure Spas, CRL, Curtis Spas, Diamente Spas, Diamondback Spas, Dimension One Spas, Dolphin Spas, Dreammaker Spas, Dynasty Spas, Emerald Spas, Fourwinds Spas, Freeflow Spas, Gatsby Spas, Gecko, Golden Spas, Greatlake Spas, Grecian Spas, Hawkeye Spas, Honeytubs, Hot Tub Factory, Hotspringspas, Hottubworks, Hydroglass, Hydroquip, Hydrospas, Icon Spas, Islander Spas, Izzi Spas, Jacuzzi, LA Spas, Leisurebay Spas, Len Gordon, Life Spas, LifeSpas, M7spa, Maax Spas, Marathon Spas, Master Spas, Morganspas, Mountainspring Spas, Newportspas, Nordicspas, Northwest Spas, Nuwavespa, Pacific Spas, PDC Spas, Phoenix Spas, Platinum Spas, QCA Spas, Santa Barbara Spas, Saratoga Spas, Secardspas, Sensationalhottubs, Sensationalspas, Sensationspas, Seven Seas Spas, Southpacific Spas, Southwest Industries, Spabuilders, Spacrest, Spadepot, Spaguts, Spaheaven, Spa Manufacturers, Spaplus, Splashtime, Sunbelt Spas, Sundance Spas, Sunquestspas, Sunsetspas, Sunwest Spas, TDI, Thermal Spas, Tiger River Spas, Turbospas, United Spas, US Spas, Vita Spas, Waterway, and Whiteswan Spas started injecting the air blower into the spa venturi system and called it Turbo charging. The Turbo charged air made the vortex more visible coming from the mixing chamber of the water jets. Spa marketing people loved the idea since it made the sale of the spa easier to consumers.

Most spa manufactures do not know how to properly plumb a blower in a spa application. We highly recommend to properly inspect the check valve and the method that the spa plumber installed the blower. Most blowers are damaged when water flows back and enters the electrical motor.

We have developed an easy and innovative solution that we can instruct our customers on how to prevent water from going back to the blower motor. Call us at 951-684-6667 XT 223 if you have such a problem.

We have a replacement hot air blower regardless of the brand. Here are some of the names that made blowers throughout the years: Air supply of the future, Air Supply Ultra 9000, Polaris, Wind Jammer, Hydroair, HWP, Brett Aqualine, Hydroquip, Balboa Water Group, Waterway, Jandy, etc.














**Beating competitor's price: We will meet or beat any competitor's written quotation for hardware of the same capability, such as: plumbing size, voltage, motor horsepower, motor 1 or 2-speed, heater length, safety test report, etc.

A $7 Handling charge is applied to all orders.

All products sold per our "Terms and Conditions" found in the "Support" section of our menu.

When your order is produced, the pump motor used (A.O. Smith, Regal Beloit, Marathon Electric, etc.) will be whatever is in stock in our factory at the time.