PM3000 Top Side Control
PM3000 Digital Top Side Control
Dimensions British (Metric):
Width = 3.25" (8.26cm) | Length = 7.25" (18.42cm)
Hole Saw Size:
Width = 2.25" (5.72cm) | Length = 6.25" (15.88cm)

NOTE: Throughout the years we have sold these spa side controls to many spa distributors and spa manufacturers without a decal. They would supply their own decal on our Smart Touch controller. The spa side control is the same, however the decal may be different.
When you purchase this spa side control direct from us we can only provide a decal when purchased from Table (2) below.
Your original decal may not have the same color or the same number of buttons. Our decal exposes all the buttons of the spa side control whether your original decal supported them or not. All Top Side controllers functions are the same regardless of the decal.
It is just a decal and has no effect on the spa operation.

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Please call for replacement: 951-684-6667 ext. 223.


    How To Replace Your Digital Spa Side Control Panel
  1. Turn the power OFF.
  2. Remove the spa access panels of your spa cabinet.
  3. Locate the digital spa controller.
  4. Unclip and remove the grey ribbon cable connecting the digital spa side control where it connects to the spa controller.
  5. The top side control is usually secured to the spa shell by either a dual-sided adhesive gasket or by silicone.
  6. Using a putty knife, carefully pry the old spa side control and adhesive or silicone away from the spa shell.
  7. Remove the old spa side control and the grey ribbon cable attached to it.
  8. Clean the opening on the spa shell to remove all the old silicone or any remnants of the gasket.
  9. Using the same adhesive method as your old spa side control, mount the new spa side control on the spa shell.
  10. Connect the grey ribbon cable attached to the new spa side control to the spa controller where the old cable was connected.
  11. Turn the power ON. Test all functions.
































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